This is a solution for computers that can’t PING to other computers

The computer in your office can’t ping other computers on the network? Even though the computer can still access the internet!

In the office usually all computers are connected to the internet and both use 1 network. But when you find a problem that the computer cannot ping another computer, the result is Request Time Out “RTO”, then you can check as below.

Solving Computer Can’t PING to Another Computer

Previously, you must know what the term PING is. PING (in computer networks) is a command in the terminal which is usually used to test the connectivity of the computer device to the connected network.

PING uses the ICMP protocol which can send requests and replies in the form of messages. What if when testing the network, the results of this PING display Request Time Out (RTO) which indicates there is a problem not connecting with the requested.

And usually, if it’s not damage to the network cable and RJ45 connector, the firewall setting factor on each computer causes the PING result to RTO. then, how to solve the computer can not ping to another computer?

First step

windows Firewall

You can turn off the firewall on the computer instead of Command Prompt (CMD) and type “firewal.cpl” or you can also look for the settings in the control panel menu

After that change the firewall settings to “Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended)” in Private network settings and Public network settings.

But, because it is not recommended by Windows to turn off the firewall , then you can use the second method, namely by giving permission to the Rule Firewall.

Second way: Access permission for firewall rule

Windows Firewall Advaced Security

  • Open Command Prompt /CMD and type “wf” and enter
  • A new window will appear in the form of Windows Firewall with Advanced Security settings
  • Select the inbound section (inbound means the rule for incoming packets to the computer)
  • Look for the rule that governs ICMP then grant access ALLOW

This second method is considered safer for computers, because it does not turn off the firewall.