How to Solve The Following ink Cartridge Cannot Be Recognized Canon Printer

The Canon Pixma iP 2770 printer that you have installed infusion often has problems an ink cartridge cannot be recognized? take it easy, has found tips and ways to overcome obstacles like this.

The error an ink cartridge cannot be recognized on the Canon ip2770 printer is actually because the problem with the cartridge that is in the printer is not detected, whether it’s because the installation doesn’t fit, it’s loose or it’s in a damaged condition.

Then, what should we do if the monitor screen or laptop screen shows that the printer error an ink cartridge cannot be recognized? You can check first whether the position is not right, the ink is leaking or there is physical damage to the cartridge.

You can check how to check it like the following guide

Troubleshooting Cartridge Not Detected

an ink cartridge cannot be recognized canon ip2770

Because you already know that the notification of an ink cartridge cannot be recognized is an unreadable cartridge problem, you can check as follows:

  • Leave the printer position on/on
  • Open the front Canon printer cover (the cartridge will move to the middle position so we can remove it and check the bottom)
  • If a lot of ink is spilled, you can wipe it gently with a tissue (just stick it on).
  • Try installing the cartridge again and then turn off the printer by unplugging the power cable
  • Leave it for 5-10 minutes then turn on the printer again and if the notification an ink cartridge cannot be recognized does not appear, you can try a testprint

That’s an easy and simple step to solve the problem of the Canon iP 2770 printer cartridge not being detected, if you have tried the above method and there is no change (still an error) you can reset the canon printer or if it still doesn’t work, there is a possibility that the hardware is damaged and must be replaced with a new one.