How to resize 3×4, 4×6 photo in Paint

Along with the times and technological advances, there are many changes that make human life easier. The presence of instant photo editing applications for the purpose of adding text to photos, changing colors, combining images, adjusting photo sizes and so on is considered very useful for the purpose of completing documents.

Photo editing applications nowadays are not just Adobe Photoshop, there are lightroom, photolab, gimp, skylump, exposure, photo RAW and so on. The Windows Operating System by default has equipped itself with a photo editing application called paint. If you want to print photos with a size of 2×4, 3×4, 4×6 for complete documents, you don’t need to open heavy applications like Photoshop, just use the paint application.

Moreover, this application is 100% free and halal, while photoshop (a million people photo editing application) or coreldraw (a million people logo-vector application) has a license price of millions of rupiah, if it is not activated then some features cannot be used, such as saving project results. , which is why, like it or not, the user must activate the product legally (buy a license) or illegally (crack/keygen/patch), piracy is not only a violation of the law but also a sin.

Actually out there there are many free photo editing applications as an alternative to Photoshop such as Gimp, Darktable and Paint (with all versions). Of course, although the features are not as complete as paid software, at least it is enough to meet your needs. Printing photos of a certain size can be done without Photoshop, only with the default paint software from Microsoft Windows

You can print photos of a certain size (2×3, 3×4, 4×6) using the paint application quickly, easily and efficiently. How to do it? Can you print multiple photos at once using paint? how easy is it to do? watch the sequel..

Why should you use Paint?

Paint is a free and simple software for photo and image editing purposes. This software has been embedded in Microsoft Windows products since previous versions. The size of paint is very light, does not burden computer performance, is free and lawful. No monthly fees or licenses required

Although free does not mean useless, paint has many features that you can use such as:

Change photo background, enlarge photo size, crop-merge-rotate photos, watermark photos, change photo formats, reduce photo size and many others

Instead of editing photos, paint is more devoted to simple drawing, but if you just change the background color of the photo and the size of the photo for the completeness of the document, all of that can be done through paint software. This software is designed as simple as possible so that even ordinary people can use it freely

Of course it’s different from Photoshop and CorelDraw which have layers, effects, tools, which make ordinary people feel confused

How to print a photo with paint

In this post, the Ezeetechs Blog will share a tutorial on how to make and print 2×3, 3×4, 4×6 photographs for completeness of documents such as diplomas, ID cards, family cards, certificates, BPJS, insurance, bank accounts and so on easily and quickly.

Before using paint to resize a photo, there are a few things you should pay attention to because it affects the quality of the print a little bit

Make sure the background color is correct

The background color of the photo is red or blue?

Changing the background color of the photo from red to blue or vice versa using a paint application can indeed be done, but it takes a lot of time and the results are not neat if the coloring is not careful

We recommend that you use Office Word to change photo backgrounds or online sites to save time. If the background color of the photo you want to resize is appropriate, that’s even better. Let’s go to the next stage

How to resize a photo in paint

1. Open the paint application via the task bar then type “Paint”, after it appears, click 2x immediately. You can also go through the photo file > right click > open with > paint

2. After the photo is opened in the paint application, the next step is to click the resize tool > select the pixel option > uncheck the Maintain aspect ratio so that we can set the size manually without automatic ratio scaling

Enter the desired horizontal and vertical size. We will print the photo size to be 2×3, 3×4, 4×6 as needed in centimeters, now in our paint software we use pixels. For more details, the following is the size of the photo from centimeters to pixels

Photo 2X3 = 76×113 Pixels

Photo 3X4 = 354×472 Pixels

Photo 4X6 = 472×709 Pixels

3. After that click OK to save. At the bottom of the screen usually appears the size of the photo in pixels

4. We have changed the size of the photo, then we have to save it. Click the file menu > save (to save the edits) or save as (to save the new file so that the old file remains original). While the choice of format can be adjusted to the needs of whether .JPG or .PNG. To save size I recommend choosing the .JPG format while to save in the best quality then choose the .PNG format

5. Done, the photo has been changed as desired and can be printed through the printer

How to print multiple photos at once

After editing a photo, we can print it directly onto photo paper but the result is only 1 or it is moved again to Microsoft Office Word (in fact it works 2x)

If we go to photo printing, usually in one print we make a lot of photos on one paper because it is impossible for you to print one photo at a time. It causes a waste of paper

We can make many photos at once directly through the paint application to save photo paper, save time changing photo sizes, only 1x print to print 5-20 photos with the size we want

You don’t need to move photos that have been resized in the paint application to another application, I swear it’s just a waste of time… just print multiple photos at once in paint

6. Block all photos (Ctrl+A) then right-click copy (the photo to be copied is formatted according to the photo size that was previously determined)

7. On the small square, drag to widen the white area behind it. Customize as needed (preview on print)

8. Finally, just copy-paste like the picture below. Customized paper size, can be Ctrl+P to preview when it will be printed to paper size maybe enough for 5 photos to the right and 5 rows of photos down


You should also consider the distance between the photos so that when cutting is easier. And the function of the distance is to ensure that the size of the photo is really appropriate to fit when placed in the photo frame that has been prepared on the document/archive sheet.



Common questions that may arise in your mind;

How is the photo quality? are the results still clear and good?

Of course it’s good, make sure the original photo before editing through the paint application is also at its best quality. If the initial photo is blurry then don’t blame the paint if the result is blurry too

I think the photos are contrasting and cracked, why is that?

Once again, the quality of the photo that was originally good if the size is reduced, the results will still be good, but if from the beginning the size is too small and blurry if it is enlarged again the size will be destroyed. To increase the sharpness of the photo you can use the site

What is the definition of pixels?

Pixels are a unit of measure on a computer monitor screen, the larger the pixel number, the better the image quality. Pixels are image elements or representations of the smallest point in a graphic image that are counted per inch.

How to print photos from paint?

Make sure the computer/laptop is connected to the printer machine, if you have just click the file menu> print (to print)

Before printing I suggest to see the preview first via the file menu > print > print previews > page set up > set the paper size (legal/A4 etc.) > whether the orientation is landscape or portrait


Tips for best results:

1. Before the photo is resized to 2×3, 3×4, 4×6, you should choose a photo with good/original quality so that when resized the quality does not decrease

2. Trim photos with crop and select features, make sure the object is right in the middle

3. Adjust the contrast of the photo to make it look clear, bright and neat

4. Before printing to photo paper, you should print a preview first so you don’t waste paper

Thus article on how to change the size of a photo to 2×3, 3×4, 4×6, using the paint application on a computer and how to print multiple photos at once using the paint application. Hopefully this simple tutorial can be useful, especially for those of you who are in need but are constrained by something.

Changing the photo size can not only be done through applications such as paint, you can also use Microsoft Word