How to install windows 11 and how to upgrade windows 11 for beginners

In Windows 11, you will see the uniqueness of the display in the start menu position. In the middle of the window looks slightly curved. Apart from that, there are some other interesting features that might make you more interested in upgrading your windows system

1. How to Install Windows 11 by reinstalling

This time I will share how to install and upgrade Windows 11. After that, you can download and install android applications using the Amazon Appstore feature found on Windows 11. Here are the steps for installing Windows 11 on a laptop or PC device with the help of a flash drive.

Download Windows 11 ISO File  (5GB)

Before installing, you must have an ISO file to install. Next, make sure you have backed up all the files on the laptop, especially on the C: drive (documents folder, desktop, downloads..). You can move storage from Local disk C to another Local disk.

This is because all files on partition C will be deleted, to prevent losing your important data. It’s a good idea to empty this partition first before reinstalling. After that, prepare a flash drive with a minimum size of 8 GB with an empty or unfilled state.

During this installation process don’t forget to plug in the laptop charger so that there is no interference from running out of battery while the process is in progress. If in the middle of the process of installing Windows 11, the installation will experience interference, it will also affect the results, it could result in failure.

Steps to Install Windows 11

There are three steps that you will do when reinstalling Windows 11 using this flash drive. You need to create a bootable flash drive, BIOS settings, and the installation process. Well, here is the complete tutorial.

1. Making Bootable Flashdisk Windows 11

The first step to make a bootable flash is connecting the flash drive to a laptop or computer. As I explained at the beginning, that how to install windows 11 via flash must be empty or no contents. If there are important files and data, it should be moved first, because this flash will be formatted first.

Second, you also need the Rufus application to make a bootable flash drive that can be used as an installation media. Open the Rufus application, then make sure that the flash you plugged in has been detected on the Device menu with a description of the name of the flash and its size. After that, click “select” on the Boot Selection menu to find the Windows 11 ISO file.

Next, find and select the Windows 11 ISO file, then click Open. After that, you can start to make it bootable by clicking Start. During this process you will get a warning that the files and data contained in the flash will be formatted. If you agree then click OK. Wait a few moments until the process is complete, it is estimated that this process will take about 15 to 20 minutes.

2. Setting BIOS 

After completing the process of making bootable via flash, the next step is how to install Windows 11, namely setting up the boot that will be done via flash. For the steps, you only need to restart your laptop or computer and then press the F2 or Del key so that you can enter the BIOS menu.

Actually, to enter this BIOS menu, each type of laptop has a different way. The F2 key can work on ASUS, Acer, Toshiba, Samsung, and Dell laptops. As for Lenovo, it requires a function key, namely Fn + F2. Then, for HP laptops, use the F10 key.

The next step, go to the Boot tab menu . There you will see where the boot priority is listed at the top itself, usually indicating Hard Drive. This means that the first boot is done on the hard disk. Well, because this process uses a Flashdisk, you need to move your Removable Device or Flashdisk position at the top.

The final step on how to install Windows 11 is to save the settings that have been made by pressing the F10 key. Then, click Yes to enter the next menu. When a black screen appears with writing on the screen, all you have to do is click enter or another menu.

3. Windows 11 Install Process

The Windows 11 Install process will start after the two conditions above are complete. Next you will see the installation screen, then click Next and the Install now menu appears . If you don’t have an activation code, you can do so later by selecting the “I don’t have a product key” menu.

Next, how to install windows 11 you will enter the choice of the system to be installed. Here you can choose Windows 11 with several types, you can select Windows 11 Pro and click Next. Then a pop up menu will appear related to Microsoft policies that you must check and click the Next menu.

Next, you can choose the Custom menu: Install Windows Only (Advanced). Delete the existing data on the C: and System Reserved partitions . At this stage you must be careful so as not to delete the data incorrectly. After deleting, you must also create a new partition.

It is highly recommended to create at least 2 partitions while applying the way to install Windows 11, namely partition C: and another partition to store other data. You can also adjust the size of the partition. When finished, you can click Apply.

After that, a pop up notification will appear for creating a System Reserved partition. You don’t need to change anything, just select the Ok menu. Wait until the installation process is 100% complete. When finished, usually the computer or laptop will restart itself.

After turning on you will see settings regarding your laptop or computer, starting from the keyboard layout. For this option you can leave it at the default US option by clicking Yes. If there are no other additions, you can skip. To set personal use you can select Next, while for Microsoft accounts you can add or not.

To make your computer or laptop more secure, you can add a password as security or you can leave it blank by clicking Next. You can change these settings at a later time through account and security settings.

2. How to Install Windows 11 with an upgrade

Click the start button> type windows update> then run windows update
If your device supports upgrading to Windows 11, a notification will usually appear to upgrade to Windows 11 for free as shown below

Please click the download and install button to start downloading the latest Windows 11 update, make sure the internet connection is smooth because you have to download some 3-4GB files

The download process is in progress, I happen to be using the wifi network at the office where I work and it only takes a few minutes to complete
After the download process is complete, you will continue with the Windows 11 installation process, at this stage you should not use a computer for heavy tasks because later the operating system will run slowly during the Windows 11 installation process.
After the installation process is complete, please restart the computer and after that the interface display and system specifications have changed like the Windows 11 user interface even though at first my computer felt a bit slow but after several times running the cumulative update update, computer performance already feels normal

If I upgrade windows 10 to windows 11, the data on drive C: document folder, downloads will be lost? no

Thus an explanation of how to install Windows 11 that can be done for beginners. You can do this installation yourself. However, you must first have an understanding of bootable creation and BIOS settings. To make the installation easier.