How to get unlimited googledrive account with student email

Regarding what I will share this time, it is not much different from my previous articles, which are still about how to get an unlimited googledrive account with edu/student email. If your current status as a student please ask the campus to make it. Usually some campuses manage their student email with Google Suite or Microsoft Outlook services.

If by chance your campus manages student email with Google Suite, it means a package with unlimited GoogleDrive storage services. Good for backups of large files measuring more than 10TB for free without having to pay a monthly rental fee like a standard googledrive account

* if campus email is managed with microsoft outlook also free 1TB OneDrive storage

But if your current status is not a student, you can try to create a student email account that supports unlimited google drive services. You only need to register on campus abroad, precisely in the state of california. Some campuses abroad do provide student emails for free to each prospective student

In Indonesia alone, sales of unlimited googledrive accounts are indeed busy, usually 1 account is sold for 25 thousand to 50 thousand

. There are 2 types of accounts for sale:

1. Campus account, characterized by the email address followed by the name of the campus, for example (glendale is the name of the campus)
The good thing is that if you buy campus email, the active period is longer because the Google Suite account is managed by the campus, so every expired domain must be immediately extended, free of charge; you don’t have to pay and you can make it yourself, don’t worry about saving files on googledrive, get support for other services such as free github-office student-canva-domain .me etc.
Weaknesses: email has a validity period of 10 years, your account and other students will be managed by the campus, if your account is too conspicuous for example storing files up to 5TB and when you open the contents of illegal files maybe your email will be frozen, often receive information from campus, domain the email is not cool, you still have to comply with google policies, if the account is deleted then the data cannot be returned
2. While the Google Suite for privately owned businesses must be renewed every month/year by the owner, so I don’t really believe that once you buy it, it can be active longer than campus student emails.
It’s good to use someone else’s business email, there is a guarantee that if the account is deleted, the data in Google Drive can still be saved, support or assistance if you forget the password, just contact the super admin, it’s more free
Weaknesses: still, if you share pirated files with the public and report them to others, your email account can be deleted, I’m afraid the admin will pay for the google suite service using CC carded results, if the admin suddenly dies then no one will extend the G suite service, the price is 2x more expensive than campus email, the domain is strange, usually doesn’t last long
As a comparison in several forums I saw people giving testimonials that student emails are more durable than business emails purchased from other people
In a previous post I also shared about how to create an edu email on the positas college campus, the tips are still working until now, please visit too
There are still many campuses that provide student emails to prospective students in addition to las positas college, of course, in addition to unlimited googledrive account support, uploaded files can be shared publicly. How to log in like a google account in general, namely directly through the address

If you are curious about how to get an unlimited googledrive account / unlimited storage using edu or student email, please follow the following guide:



1. First of all, please visit the following site > in the dropdown campus selection please select Glendale Community College then press the apply button

You can also directly visit this page


Look for the words apply to GCC on new student registration, you will automatically be redirected to the page


2. If you don’t have an opencc account apply, please create it first by clicking create account

You can read a complete tutorial on how to create an opencc account via the following page.

Just follow from step 4 to step seven, I’m lazy if I have to repeat the tutorial from the beginning

3. Go back to step 2 this time select ” sign in” (make sure you still see the Glendale Community College logo in the upper left corner) if you don’t see it go back to step 1

Then click start a new application make sure you still see the Glendale Community College logo in the upper left corner

. Now let’s fill out the registration form, so you understand please right click > translate to indonesia

Actually I don’t really pay attention to the data that I input, aka the origin of the input, but so far it’s always been accepted

4. On this page we input data such as the year of entry (spring, summer, autumn), then there is a choice of majors and others

5. Then on the next page we enter the residence data, if the data matches the opencc account, just check the option my mailing address same as the permanent address my opencc account above

6. Next, we enter the data of previous education history, if you are confused about education in California, please fill in the exact same as the picture below

7. Then on the page that asks about military status, have you ever attended mandatory military training in your country or not? Just fill it no apply to me

8. Next we fill in the data on where to live in California, actually this is just asking for language skills, then questions like having visited a hospital or orphanage etc.

9. On this page we fill in our needs and interests, this will be a guide whether you can afford to pay for yourself while studying at the chosen campus or not.

10. Next, fill in the demographic form such as gender, are you transgender? , attraction to the opposite sex (straight), origin of race/ethnic nationality

11. Next we fill in additional information, on the GCC ID just leave it blank and then continue on questions such as when have you lived in California and maybe permission to store your privacy data

12. Next, we check the information that we fill in the data with focus and consistency, this is like an approval page before sending the registration form data to the selected campus

13. Finally, just review the data and select continue, fill out the response survey whether during filling out the form you had difficulties or not, then scroll down to the bottom looking for the signout and finish

button Done ….

After that we wait, if in Glendale it takes a little longer, about 2×24 hours (doesn’t matter?)
Check your gmail account whether there is an incoming message from the results of registration as a prospective student at Glendale or not. If there is that’s good. What you need to pay attention to is your GCC ID number which I boxed in the picture below

Then to login, just press MyGCC which is attached to the message you received above, you will automatically be redirected to the assessment page

. For the student ID, it’s in the email, see the picture above which I boxed

After successful login, you will automatically be asked to enter a new password, just follow the instructions by creating a new password and press change password.

When the password is successfully changed, the user will be redirected back to the assessment page, just log in using the student ID and new password

Next we will activate student email, see “main menu” there is a drop down button please click it then select “active email/accaunt info”

We will see our email and email password.

Please open and again use the email and password data.

After success you are asked to create a new password, where you can use this password immediately when you want to log into your google account

After successfully logging in you will see a welcome message as a new account user, there is some information, please read it so you can understand a little more

Now you have got various google services such as blogger, youtube, gmail and what you are waiting for is a googledrive account with unlimited storage alias unlimited

How ? Is it easy enough to get unlimited GoogleDrive accounts with student emails from overseas campuses? There are many tutorials like this on the internet but most of the information is no longer useful
Why? when someone shares a trick to get an unlimited googledrive account from a certain campus, people will start registering on that campus. If 1 seller registers 10 accounts means 100 sellers will register 1000 accounts. This will make the campus suspicious because many prospective student applicants are fictitious, so they change the policy
From initially giving student emails to prospective students, to giving student emails to students who have actually been accepted
But you don’t need to worry because your email is safe as I said that student email can last up to 10 years. Why only 10 years? to save resources, action is needed to delete old emails that are not used anymore
Including emails that are more than 10 years old, emails that have not been logged in for a certain period of time and suspicious emails that take up too much storage, you will definitely stand out among other students hehe