How to Find Files Already Saved on a Computer?

Do you have important data (word, excel, pdf, photo or video) stored on your Windows computer or laptop, but forgot to save it in which folder? take it easy, this time Teknobgt will discuss how to find files that have been stored easily.

When busy with work or in a hurry to save document files on the computer, this can be a problem in the future because it will be confusing to find where the file that was just saved yesterday.

For Windows computer and laptop users, maybe you can use the following method to find document files that you forgot to save where. Because this Windows operating system has features to make it easier to use it to track or search for document files stored in the hard disk data.

Here are some tips you can try:

How to find a file that forgot its folder location

Here are some tips that you can try on how to find files that are already stored on your computer/laptop:

Recently files / Documents

The first way you can try to find document files that have been saved but forget where the folder is is to use the Recently Files feature from Microsoft Word or Excel. There is a “Recent” menu when you click the File menu at the top.

When the cursor is directed to “recent” it will display Recent Documents (if in MS Word) and Recent workbooks if in MS Excel. There will be displayed document files that you have opened before and if you have found the file you are looking for, immediately “Save As” returns to the folder where you usually save so that it is easy to find it again.

Search in Explorer

search files in explorer

The next way is to take advantage of the “Search” feature in Explorer (to be precise in the upper right corner).

Now, all you have to do is determine where to find the file, whether it’s in Search Libraries (to search for files that are/stored in my documents, Pictures and videos. Or if in doubt where the file is stored, you can just click Computer and in the “Search” column type the name of the file to be searched for.

However, there is a special trick that you can try to use if you forget the file name but know the file extension. For example, when you want to search for Ms Word document files, then you can type in the search field like the following “.doc / .docx” or if the file you are looking for is Excel, you can type “.xls / .xlsx”.