How to download files using utorrent on windows

In principle, torrenting uses peer to peer. So, you don’t just download from one server. That way, the process will be faster. Interested in knowing how to download files using torrents on Windows? Read more in this article.
Generally, someone takes quite a long time to download. Moreover, if you only use one server. So, the process will take so long.
To overcome this, then you can use torrents. Downloads will be faster and in accordance with the results. Because, the server is divided into many not just one. Well, for those of you who want to try it, don’t be confused. Because, we will thoroughly explore how to download files using torrents on Windows in full.

How to Download Files Using Torrents on Windows Complete

As it turns out, it is not difficult to download using torrents. See how it is below.

1. Download Torrent Applications

The first step you have to do is download an application from a torrent. Because, in its use requires an application. Currently, there are many applications available for downloading torrents.
You can download it on search engines with the keywords “Download Torrent Applications”. Here, I use utorrent which can be downloaded via the link below

2. Install Torrent Applications

Next, you can install the torrent application. In doing the installation is very easy. As you should do the installation of some windows applications. Here’s how to install utorrent
a. Open the App
After you download, the next step is to open the application from the downloaded torrent. Here, I use utorrent so when it is opened it will display a page like in the picture. Next, then you just need to click next.
b. Installation Configuration
Because I’m using utorrent, it must be configured. For the required configuration is not complicated. There will be several checklist options that are tailored to your needs. Especially, you can make a selection of some files that have a certain extension. Such as .torrent, Magnet Urls or .btsearch.
You are free to choose what will be in the checklist. Here, I do a checklist of everything. Why is that? Because, it is possible that the file to be downloaded does not have a torrent. So, you can download it in other formats. Vice versa. Once selected, you can click next.
c. Installing Torrents
Next, the installation process of the utorrent application will take place. Wait a few moments until the process runs completely.
d. Installation Complete
Until a page like the one above appears, it can be ascertained that the installation process went well. So, you just need to click finish. Then, it will automatically be redirected to the main page
e. Homepage
After the installation process is complete, you will be directed to the home page. So, you can open the application to check whether the installation process went well. Then, the home page will appear as shown below.
f. Find the file to be downloaded
Then, you only need to do a search for the file to be downloaded. So, on search engines there are lots of sites to download torrents of all files.
Good games, videos, audio, movies and so on. You can download it for free and it’s so easy. In order not to be complicated, here are some recommended torrent sites:
This site provides a variety of torrent files that you can choose according to your needs. In fact, there are so many files that torrents can download. There are also very diverse categories such as video, audio, games, software, movies, and so on. Guaranteed, the torrent file you are looking for is definitely there!
For game lovers, this is your paradise! Of course, gamers are looking for a place to download torrents properly and completely. On this site, there are lots of games available for PC, PS, XBOX, MAC and so on. Simply by looking for it in the search, then you will find the file you are looking for.
This torrent site provides a variety of files that you can download. Of course, for free and very easy. The categories available are also so many and very easy for you to find.
Such as movies, music, applications, anime and others. Moreover, the database owned is also so large. So, it fits exactly what you are looking for. Highly recommended!
This site is also quite recommended for those of you who are looking for torrents from files. Because, for the database that is owned is quite a lot and abundant. Especially, for some categories such as movies have a very good update.
Some categories like movies, music, apps and games also have good torrent file updates. In addition, to download from the torrent is not difficult.
Here, I try to download files from the game The Sims 4 Seasons. So, I searched for torrents from the site. You can search for torrents from the desired file.



If so, you just need to click on download torrent on the right. Then, it will automatically download from the .torrent extension file. What if I can’t open a torrent site? Just use a vpn, guaranteed smooth.
g. Enter Torrent
After that, you need to enter the file from the torrent which will be re-downloaded with multiple servers. The trick, you only need to open the home page, a + sign icon will appear, then click the icon.
Then, find the file from the torrent that you downloaded earlier. Make sure that the file from the torrent is actually downloaded properly. Otherwise, the download process will be interrupted. Then, click open.
h. Choose a Storage Place
If so, then you need to choose a storage location. It is highly recommended that the storage area has a large amount of free memory space. For example, here I downloaded the sims game which turned out to have a size of 27 GB.
So, it is not recommended to place it in a C file. However, place it in other memory.
i. Download Process In Progress
Finally, the download process will run as it should. Make sure, that you carry out all the steps above correctly.
Well, that’s how to download files using torrents on Windows. Very easy isn’t it? Moreover, for those of you who want to download large files, it is very suitable to use torrents. The method above has so far been proven to work 100%. What are you waiting for? Try it right now!