How to create an account on google playbook and a guide to selling ebooks

Google Play Books (formerly Google eBooks) is a cross-platform e-book application offered by Google. Users can purchase and download e-books from Google Play, which offers more than 5 million e-books and is therefore the world’s largest e-book exchange.

Users can also upload up to 1000 e-books in PDF or EPUB format to their Google Play Books cloud storage account, and sync between multiple devices.

Uploading digital rights management (DRM) protected e-books purchased outside of Google Play Books is not supported. Use of Google Play Books requires a Google account.

You only need to upload a digital book / ebook product into a catalog that will be displayed to all Google Play users around the world, you can determine the price for each ebook.

Reading books through ebooks will become a trend in the future because digital books are considered more practical, economical, free and the tendency of people to spend more than 10 hours staring at the cellphone screen is getting more intensive

Google Play Book will pay you every 15th or mid-month, payment method can be via local bank or wire transfer with a minimum withdrawal balance of only $1 or the equivalent of Rp.14,000

You can register an account on Google Play Book for free without having to pay a penny. The income from selling ebooks independently is 70% for publishers and the rest for service providers.

Unfortunately registration to join as a Google Playbook partner is limited, you have to fill out an interest form to join as a partner and after a few weeks you will get an email invitation to join as a Google Playbook partner sent via email. But I guarantee it won’t be too long

Step 1: How to create a google play book account

If you want to sell ebooks on google play, then you must join the Google Play Book Partner Center. After creating an account, you will be given access to enter your Google Play Books Account where you can manage the catalog of books you want to sell and arrange payments.
By publishing your ebook on Google Play, you have the opportunity to reach billions of readers from all over the world

You need to know that not all countries are eligible to join as Google Play Book partners, fortunately Indonesia is one of the supported countries.

Here is a list of countries that can join as ebook publishers on google playbook:

Now let’s create a google play book account
1. First, please visit the following site
2. To register as a partner, select the “Get Started Now” button or if registration is closed, please fill out the online interest form to join
Unfortunately, registration to become a book publisher partner on Google Play Book is limited (you can’t just register and then get an account).

You can fill out the online form stating your interest in joining google playbook here =

* Choose English, the form will automatically appear

3. Use your google account to register for google play book products or create a new account to login
4. Provide detailed information needed and contact address to be contacted
5. Review the terms and conditions of the google play book along with the attachments to the agreement that must be approved by potential partners in one document. Scroll down and press “yes” to accept these terms
6. Done, you have to wait between 1 week to 1 month until you get an invitation email from google play book to become their partner

1 month later ……

7. After waiting for a full month then I finally got an invitation to join the Google Play Book Partner Program.
More or less the contents of the email message like this
From =
Dear potential partner,
You previously requested that we notify you when the Google Play Books Partner Program starts accepting new signups. That time has come!
We invite a limited number of new publishers, including you, to sign up for this program. Sales on Google Play Books are only available to publishers located in supported countries that have a checkmark for “Seller Registration”. To get started, create a Google Play Books Partner Center account using this one-time link:
We’re constantly working behind the scenes to improve the Google Play Books experience. By using this platform as a new partner, you will be able to provide valuable feedback as we test improvements.
We recommend that you review the Publisher Content Policy for Google Play Books to ensure that your content complies with our policies. You’ll also be asked to agree to the Google Books Partner Program Standard Terms and Conditions when you sign up for an account.
If you have other questions, visit our Book Partner Program Help Center. To contact us, click Contact us in the Help Center.
We look forward to partnering with you and making your book available to millions of readers around the world!
Best regards,
Google Play Books Support Team
(c)Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
Now just click on the registration link included in the email
8. Then enter your google play book account data including:
Publisher Name = Fill in the brand or brand eg IT People Blog (eg)
Country = Select your current country location
Check the statement that you have the copyright and permission to use a digital product
Check the information that you are willing to receive email updates, suggestions and changes from all the information that you update in your google play book account
Then press continue to continue the account creation process
9. On the addendum page, you will read an explanation of disputes, security, account termination and privacy policy. You need to know that Google prohibits illegal publishing of other people’s ebook

Step 2: Setting up a payment profile on your playbook account

You must add a payment profile in order to start selling books on google play books. The country listed in the payments profile determines the type of currency that will be paid to you

1. You will be asked to set up a payments profile in the pop-up box when registering to create a new account and agree to the terms. If you skipped this step, go to the Payment Center, and under Payment profiles, click Add Payment Profile.

Add payment information such as business location, account type, name and address, postal code, active mobile number, then press submit

* If you see an error message about invalid credentials, please sign out of your Google Account and sign in again.

* You can have multiple payment profiles if you want to receive payments across multiple bank accounts. But you only need one payments profile to start selling books on Google Play.

Up here you have managed to get a google play book account for free. Next, just upload the digital book

Step 3: Adding Sales Territory Locations

Sales territories indicate the countries where your books can be sold, as well as the payment profile that should be used to collect revenue from sales in those countries. Sales territories can include multiple countries if the configuration is the same. For different configurations, create separate sales territories.

1. Please login to your google play book account > menu center > scroll down search > sales area > press add region or edit the profile you have created

2. By default the target is WORLD (all over the world) and you can change it just enter the country code For example, for Indonesia, use “ID” if the dropdown doesn’t appear below, try reloading the page. You can search the country codes on google

3. After you are ready to activate the sales territory, check the box below “Enable this region configuration”, Finally click create territory

The same country or region must be listed in only one sales region. If you choose to use WORLD or ECZ, countries listed in other active sales territories will be automatically excluded.

* If you are subject to fixed price laws in multiple countries, create separate sales territories and check the box next to “I am subject to fixed pricing laws in this country.” You can create additional sales territories if you need to apply different settings to different countries.

Step 4: Upload the first book to google play book

In this step, you need to provide general bibliographic details for the book. International Standard Book Number (ISBN) or ID, genre, and other titles are required. Complete as many fields as possible, because more complete data can help readers find your book. You’ll provide additional settings specific to Google Books or Google Play in the next step.

If a digital book is a personal writing or copy-paste on a blog, don’t worry because you can change the ISBN option with GGKEY.

Here’s how to upload an ebook for the first time to the google play book service

1. Please login to your google playbook account, then open the catalog menu > add book

2. Choose whether you want to sell ebooks on google play books or through offers on google books only.

Google books is a free marketing program that allows publishers and authors to promote their books online, through Google Books. By submitting a book, you will make it discoverable to Google users around the world.

If readers find your book on Google Books (, they can view a limited number of pages to help confirm that it’s what they’re looking for. You can also include a link to your own website.

In addition, partners in multiple countries can sell editions of their ebooks on Google Play (, and earn income every time a user buys their ebook from the Google Play Store.

While Google Books and Google Play Books are different platforms, Ebooks must be previewable on Google Books in order to be sold on Google Play Books.

3. Enter the book ISBN (10 digits or 13 digits) or European Article Number (EAN). If you do not have an ISBN or EAN for the book, check the box next to “This book does not have an ISBN or other identifier”, and Google will assign a special ID (starting with GGKEY) for your book

. ISB number please select GGKEY

4. Next you must enter information about the ebook.

In the book info menu: you enter the title , description , book ID (ISBN or GGKEY) , language , publisher name , date of issue-date of sale , format , ebook/paperback/hardback , serial name , serial number , minimum-maximum age, yes just fill it out as needed, if it’s a personal ebook, just make the serial name and serial number yourself, if it’s fixed, select save and continue

. Then on the genre tab, now enter the book genre, there is already a choice, just select the options available in the dropdown

Now on the contributors tab you have to enter the name of the author / publisher / narrator / photographer / author / composer etc. you can enter any or all of them

. Now we decide how the ebook appears in search results:

– DRM (enable it so people can’t copy, download, print the ebook content preview)

– The preview limit is set by default to only 20% of the total ebook content

– Publisher’s website (optional), publisher’s logo, please fill in as completely as possible

On the content menu: We will upload ebook cover photos and files partial ebooks. Wait for the upload process to reach 100%

On the pricing menu: Please set a price, you can set a discount or determine the target country for ebook marketing.

On the review and publish menu: Please see information about your ebook, it includes content and cover, book details, book price, if everything is press publish

Done, you have to wait for 1×24 hours until the book appears on google play book

That’s a post about how to create a free google play book account, after you have an account, please upload some ebook products that you want to sell. For the ebook itself, it can be the result of personal writing, PLR products that are sold as well as licenses, ebooks that can be resold, ebooks from a collection of personal blog articles, etc. Good luck