How to change the background color of a photo using Ms Paint

In this post, I will share tips on how to change the background color of a photo from blue to red or vice versa easily and quickly using the help of Microsoft Paint software, which by default is available as Windows default software.

Usually it’s easier to change the background color of a photo using professional software such as Photoshop, but due to a condition (don’t bring a laptop) we borrow someone else’s laptop, which happens to be that they don’t have Photoshop software, so we can use Microsoft Paint.

Microsoft Paint or what we call MS Paint is a simple image editor application that comes with the Windows 7-8-10 Operating System and we can use it to edit images on a light scale.

When compared to Photoshop, it’s clear that Ms Paint is far behind, but if it’s needed just to change the background color of the photo, it’s easy.¬†Even though its small size and simple features don’t mean it’s useless, in the hands of creative users, simple software can produce extraordinary works ūüĎć

In a state of urgency we need to print photos with a red background, but unfortunately the condition of the laptop does not support it, so it forces us to borrow a friend’s laptop, but whatever the power of a friend’s laptop can’t be relied on because it doesn’t have any photo editing software.

Usually we use Photoshop to change the background color of a photo in a flash, but there’s nothing wrong with learning to change the background color of a photo using Ms Paint just in case one day you’re pressed.

In Photoshop, we use Rectangle Tools for the selection process so that it can run automatically and easily. In MS Paint, we have to select photos manually and carefully so that the results are good.
The selection process alias marking an area really determines whether or not an editing result is good, some advanced photo editing applications are always equipped with an automatic selection feature, but for MS Paint the object selection process must be done carefully and focused.

Accuracy and focus are needed to remove a photo background object.

Any sophisticated application, if the designer sucks, the work will not be good, otherwise a simple application if the designer is experienced, the results of his work are amazing

Without further ado, let’s move on to the tutorial on changing the background color of a photo using Ms Paint
Changing the background of a photo is a trivial job that can be done by anyone, in the image editing process, try to always use a mouse instead of a touchpad.¬†Drink a glass of water first so that your mind is focused, don’t forget to eat a plate of rice so your hands don’t shake
1. First of all, prepare the photo object that you want to change the background color of, after that please open the Ms Paint software which is available as the default program for your respective windows.¬†Click Ctrl + F then type “Paint” when you find it, select it and Enter
2. Next we open the image object that we want to edit, open the file menu> open> point to the image object that we will replace the background photo
3. We will delete the photo background, in the select > free from selection option, then the arrow cursor will change to selection. Here I use my photo, for the right and left direction according to the position of my photo
4. Please click on my farthest left shoulder (press and hold) then rotate it until the farthest right shoulder, followed by the selection process from the left shoulder to the right shoulder (press and hold the mouse) the result is like this
* Remember, because we want to delete the photo background, please click on the left shoulder, press and hold then rotate the cursor to the right shoulder, then from the right shoulder, start the photo selection from shoulder to head until the starting point of the left shoulder
5. If it has been successfully selected, now click select > delete then the background that you have selected will automatically be deleted
* So that the results are neater, try removing the remaining background with an eraser
6. Next we will fill the empty background color using full color, choose any color you like, for example blue then we select “Fill with Color” point to an empty area and click to fill color
The result will look like the image below:
7. Up here we have succeeded in changing the background color of the photo which was originally red to blue, but at first glance the results are still bad because it looks stained due to an untidy selection process, so the last step of this tutorial is the process of cleaning stains using the¬†first¬†“Brushes”.¬†please choose a color that matches the background then press the last brushes and gently brush over areas that still look uneven like the picture below
Do it slowly so that the results are good like the picture below
8. Done
How?¬†It’s not easy to use MS Paint software to change the background color in photos and the results will be better if you stay calm and don’t tremble, now you can change the background color without relying on Photoshop software.¬†Ms Paint is available as a Windows default application which is small and very light when run
The drawbacks do not need me to explain again right?¬†MS Paint is the simplest image editing software so it doesn’t support the results that we really expect including giving complicated effects.¬†Cannot install additional plugins and features are limited to what you see on the ribbon tab
Until here I hope you are good at changing photo backgrounds using Ms paint, to be better then please watch the video below carefully pay attention to the direction of the mouse when it is rotated from the left shoulder to the right shoulder I press and hold and point it out of the editor arena
Thus the tutorial to change the background color or photo background using Ms Paint, may be useful.¬†If you don’t understand, please read the article several times and watch the video over and over again.¬†If you have questions, please call the admin or submit via comments below