How to activate password hint in windows 7, 8,10


PC The computer or laptop that we use is usually the place where we do our work to store important data or files. Especially for those of you who have jobs that focus on the digital world, you need to keep and prevent things you don’t want.


In this case you can keep the secret of important data and files by creating a password. So that only you and those closest to you can access your PC or Laptop.
Basically there are many other ways that may be safer in maintaining the confidentiality of data and files on the laptop. Even so, at least you have taken the first step, namely creating a password to maintain the confidentiality of important data and files.
Now for those of you who may still be confused about how to activate a password in Windows, you don’t need to worry. Just look at the following reviews and tutorials on how to create a password in Windows.

How to Create a Password on Windows 7

How to give a password on Windows 7 has actually been offered during the Windows 7 installation process, but sometimes we forget to activate the password.
Now for those of you who use Windows 7 and want to create a password, please follow the steps below.
• First of all, please turn on your PC Computer or Laptop.
• After that click the Start Menu, then select Control Panel.
• After that, the Control Panel will appear, to make it easier for you to search for User Account Commands.
Please change the settings in View by: to Small Icon, then select User Account.
• Then you will be directed to a menu to create a password, in this case please select “Create a password for your account”
• Next enter what password you want to create 2 times, we suggest that you create a password that is easy to remember.
Also, don’t forget to make a hint, which will help you if you forget your password later. If you have clicked the “Create password” button
• If the password you created is successful, then in your profile the words “Passwordprotected” will appear. This indicates that your account is already installed and password protected.
• To try it, please restart your PC or laptop before entering the desktop menu. You will be asked to enter a password.

How to Create a Password on Windows 10

To create a password on Windows 10 is basically almost the same as how to create a password on Windows 7.
However, Windows 10 itself has a more complex level of security. Here are some ways to enable passwords on Windows 10.
1. Adding Password to Local Account User
What we mean here is not a Microsoft account, but this method can be used by users who use a local account to sign in to Windows 10.
Here are the steps:
• First of all, please open the Settings menu. The way to enter is by clicking the Settings icon on the Start menu, then pressing the Windows key + I simultaneously.
Then you will be directed to enter the Accounts menu, after that select Sign in options.
• On the password menu display, please click the Add button. If your user account is not locked using a password, then Windows 10 will automatically display a message.
• In the New password box, please enter the password according to what you want. Make sure that the password you use is a strong password and is not easily guessed by others, besides making sure that you are easy to remember.
If you have re-entered the password earlier, then to continue, click Next.
• Then click Finish to add a password to your local user account.
• To prove that it has worked, you can restart your PC or Laptop. then before entering the desktop menu, you are asked to enter a password as you did earlier.
2. Adding Password to Microsoft Account User
This method is specifically for those of you who use a Microsoft account to be able to sign in to PC Windwos 10. So, here are the steps to make it.
• First of all, please select the Settings menu in the Start Menu section. Then select Account and select Your Info
• If you have clicked the link Sign in with a Microsoft Account Instead
• Next you will be asked to enter your Microsoft account email address along with the password you use. If you have clicked the Next button to continue the process.
• When you use two-step verification on your Microsoft account, then you need to enter the security code or security code that has been sent to your cellphone or email.
• Then if you are asked to enter the password used for the local user account, then type the password you created. And to continue, click the Next button again.
• If you have clicked the Finish button to complete the settings on your Microsoft account.
• Done, your PC or Laptop has been successfully secured with a password.
• To prove that it has worked, you can restart your PC or Laptop. then before entering the desktop menu, you are asked to enter a password as you did earlier.
For even better security, make sure that you have changed the settings so that the system prompts you for a password after waking up from Sleep Mode. How to create a password in Windows 10 is as follows.
• First of all, please click the Start Menu and then select the Settings menu. Once open select Accounts then select Sign in options.
• In the screen that appears, please select the When PC Wakes up from sleep option in the dropdown option. Please see the image below for more details.
• After that don’t forget to activate the option that asks for a password after exiting the Screensaver.
• The method is very easy, where you just open the Settings menu, then select Personalization
• Then select the Lock Screen menu, then select the Screen saver settings menu again.
• Put a check mark in the On Resume box, where this function is to ask for a password after the screen saver process. If you have clicked the Apply button to agree to the settings.
So, those are some ways to activate a password in Windows that you can use to secure your PC or laptop from other people. Although there are indeed many other ways that you can use to secure data, still activating a password in Windows is a basic step that you should not forget.
Hopefully this information can be useful for you. good luck trying it!