How To Activate Community Tab On Youtube

How To Enable Community Tab On Youtube – In video. However, few users of the YouTube app know how to use this feature. So here’s a step-by-step guide on how to show a community on YouTube using the Community Contribution tool:

. It is highly recommended that you use the official YouTube app to introduce your community using the Community Contribution feature. Because using an unofficial YouTube browser or app makes the process complicated and simple.

How To Activate Community Tab On Youtube

Go to the YouTube app with the user’s Google account. Make sure the internet network you use is smooth so that the whole process of showing your community on YouTube goes smoothly.

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Another way to showcase your community on YouTube is with the Community Contribution Tool by going to the YouTube Studio menu. This menu

The YouTube app shows the user the main page of the YouTube app. Accessing the YouTube Studio menu is simple and fast. The user has to open it by clicking on the menu in the top right corner. Then the user can choose

After the user enters the YouTube Studio menu, the next step is to select other features. Many options are offered to users such as

Under Other Services, select Translation and Transcription. That means you have to enable the language feature in the video. Other users can easily contribute to the development

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The next step is to share the consent link on social networks. This makes the interaction process easier for YouTube users. So that social media users who are active on YouTube can use this social collaboration feature.

Link then share on social media or in the video description. The more platforms or social media used to distribute social links, the more users can contribute

The final step to promoting your community on YouTube using the Community Contribution Tool is to run a test and check the test results. This step is to verify that the community and collaboration features can be displayed and used. In addition, the user must verify that the link is easily accessible to other users.

Go back to the YouTube app and open the shared link. In addition, users can already try to contribute to the community on YouTube. Finally, double check that your test was successful.

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This is an explanation of how to display a community on YouTube using the Community Contribution tool. Of course, there are more ways to showcase your community on YouTube, such as downloading video or video format files from the Internet, uploading images of your community page and community posts to your YouTube channel, and so on. It’s actually very easy and difficult.

Just like YouTube, when you have an interesting, unique and awesome video, you immediately take the initiative to save it to your gallery or file manager. This will later be used as material for story updates on WA, right?

If you only download videos from YouTube, you already know that, right? As the admin discussed in the post, How to download videos from YouTube to the gallery, saving thumbnails/covers of YouTube videos is also discussed. If you don’t know, click the link below:

This time in a youtube post we will discuss how to download/save images from the youtube community page. How to do it? Follow the steps below.

Please Activate My Community Tab

Usually, to save an image from the web, all you have to do is right-click (right-click) and select “Save Image As”. Or, press and hold for a few seconds until a pop-up window appears, then click “Save Image” if you’re on a phone.

The above tutorial is made by admin and it works despite the bugs. The difference is, we download thumbnails using the web thumbnail saver, because the image quality is still not sharp.

Until recently, prior to this tutorial, there was still no web-based way to download videos from the YouTube community page. Another downside is that when using your phone to download, it can be a little tricky. First you need to enable desktop mode.

Actually using mobile (responsive) mode to open YouTube is different from using the YouTube app directly, because it doesn’t show the Community tab.

Steps How to Show Community On Youtube Using the Community Contribution Feature

But if we can copy image link into post like in Facebook status post, we can’t download in YouTube app. With the help of Facebook Lite, we can already copy the link, text and image of the post.

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