Easy Ways to Download Videos on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram

Streaming video seems to be now a favorite entertainment facility for today’s millennial generation, which is indeed influenced by the development of the increasingly sophisticated world of gadgets or smartphones. viral videos that are socialized are the most watched and downloaded, now it’s really good if we can save the videos on a cellphone or laptop, so we can watch them anytime and anywhere.

If you like short videos such as motivational videos, funny videos, or viral music video clips, you can upload them to social media so you can watch them too, they can be statuses on Whatsapp, and they can also be used as insta stories. How easy is it to download videos from YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Advantages of Videoder Application

Actually there are many applications and programs to download videos, but we are interested in reviewing this one application. The maker of this Videoder application is very professional, they made 3 versions, namely for android / smartphone, windows pc / laptop and MAC, and for the appearance it is very elegant, clean so pleasing to the eye, unlike other downloader applications that are full of advertisements / sponsors.

The features are also very complete, starting from downloading videos, mp3 and being able to convert videos to mp3, so you don’t need another application to change your favorite file format.

This videoder uses a search engine system in its function that can penetrate various video services such as YouTube, Video.com, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram and others. That way you can easily download it directly to your cellphone or laptop. What makes it even more exciting is that you can choose or determine the quality of each video that you will download. a wide selection of video formats that are downloaded, ranging from MP4, MP3 with HD quality quickly.

How to Download Videos on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and more

Videos from Youtube

How to download videos from youtube using the Videoder download application ? There are three ways to download youtube videos using the Videoder app:

  1. Using Videoder search.
  2. Using the Youtube site.
  3. Download Youtube videos directly from the youtube application, by using the “Copy link detection” feature from the Videoder application.

Save Youtube videos using search tool in Videoder

Find the video or music song that you want to download. You can also filter your search by the type of content you want (video, channel or playlist) or choose a time frame mode for your search results.

After that select the video file from the search results that appear for the download process. You can also download several videos directly by adding videos and then setting the videos for the download process at once.

Now you can choose to play the video or download from the available resolution options ranging from 144p to 1080p (Full HD) and there are even videos that have 4k (Ultra HD) quality.

Once your video resolution is selected, a popup will appear that will allow you to change the storage location and number of thread connections to speed up the download process. Press the download star button to start downloading the videos you selected earlier. You can tap on the download icon at the top of the screen to see the list of videos.

Download Youtube videos directly from Youtube app by using Videoder.


Find the video or mp3 that will be downloaded in the youtube application on your cellphone, then press the share button and select the videoder application, then press the share button and select the videoder application from the share menu

Detailed video info will appear at the bottom of the screen showing the links. You just choose which resolution you want for this file. Once the resolution is selected, a popup message will appear where you can change the storage location and number of thread connections for faster downloads. Then click the start download button to get started.

Videos From Facebook

Download from facebook in the Videoder Application

How to download videos on Facebook can be done using the page, the trick is to select / press the Facebook icon on the Videoder browser page and log in using your Facebook account. This login is only needed once, for the next video download process, it does not ask for a re-login because it has automatically saved your Facebook data.

After logging in you will see a blue download button on all the videos on Facebook. Touch the download button on the desired video. then select the video resolution and a popup information will appear where the video file is stored.

Download Videos directly from Facebook App

The trick is to open the Facebook application on your cellphone, then find the video you want to download. After you find it, click the option in the Facebook post and copy the link.

A floating message will appear at the bottom of the screen, asking you to download the selected video. Click that button to complete the process of the video you downloaded earlier. Then a resolution file info will appear that you can choose, and a storage location popup will appear. after that click start download.

Images and Videos from Instagram

How to download videos on Instagram is to open the Instagram application on your cellphone, then look for the Instagram account where you want to download the video or image. after meeting, click the three dots on the right side then copy the share url, then a floating message will appear from the videoder asking you to download the file, if so you press the download button.

Detailed info about the video or image will appear at the bottom of the screen showing the link. You can choose a good resolution here. after that, a message will appear that allows you to change the storage location and number of thread connections for faster downloads. Click on the download button and then the process will start. You can also click on the download icon at the top of the screen to see a list of your downloads.

How to Install Videoder on Android Phones and Windows PCs / Laptops

The first step is to go to the official website www.videoder.com , if you want to install on Windows Laptops, you can directly download the Windows version, the file size is around 60 MB, then after you finish installing it as usual, you just have to do it next-next. finish.

Now for the android version, download the Videoder Apk file. Then just ignore it if there is a warning in the browser that says you are downloading an apk outside the Playstore, because you did download it from the official website.

Then pay attention to the download results in the notification panel on the cellphone screen. After the download is complete, press select the apk file for the installation process.

Usually the Android cellphone settings don’t allow you to install apk that are not from the Playstore, if on your cellphone a popup appears like the picture above, press on settings / settings and follow the next instructions. Go To ‘Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources’ And then Tick On.

Then lastly, go back to the download and open the apk file earlier and complete the installation process, oh yeah, don’t forget to turn off the unknown source settings again when the installation is complete.